Friday Forum: In honor of National Decorating Month, who is your favorite designer and why?

April is National Decorating Month which at The Southern Coterie is an important month to celebrate because we love our homes! 

We highly value the art and talent of a good designer.  Coterie members have favorite designers from yesteryear that influence us as well as today's tastemakers in the field.  Who are your favorite interior designers and why? (past and present)

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Some of my best friends are interior designers. I thoroughly enjoy that the most successful ones have a great combination of left and right brain as they are organized and creative.  They get the details but see the big vision too.  A well done room is a work of art to me and a ton of fun to attempt to accomplish!

My first favorite interior designer I loved was my mom's, Peggy Smith on St. Simons Island, GA.  She became a trusted friend to my mom and I grew up wanting to be just like her.  Her daughter, Elizabeth Pipe, is talented as well and can be found at her mom's namesake shop, Elizabeth Smith Interiors.

Some of my favorites today are Cullen O'Steen, Lisa Ellis, Mary Bryan Peyer and Andrew Downs.  I admire the work of Miles Redd and Kelly Wearstler. From the past I can't help but say Dorothy Draper.  I love anyone who pops in some eccentricity.

Wow, that is a hard question!  I love so many of the fabulous designers doing work today.  I love Barry Dixon for the way he infuses the environment in his work and for his ability to create a collected look which gives a house so much character.  I love Mary McDonald's work because it is so feminine, and elegant.  I enjoy Miles Redd's ability to create rooms with dramatic color schemes and attention to details.  If I had to pick one favorite designers it would be really hard!

Where do I start? I may have to many favorites too name...

David Hicks was a man of inspiration from the past. His bold use of color and pattern appeals to me so much and feels so current.  Dorothy Draper's crazy use of print, stipe, color and pattern all on hyper overload are always a favorite.  Obviously we still cannot get enough banana leaf wallpaper. Mario Buatta is a person inspiration for his use of color and beautiful antiques.  Knowing him is to LOVE him!

Current favorites are Mary McDonald, Kelly Wearstler,  Miles Redd and so many more.  The common theme is color. From bold to sublet all these designers share a common love of color.  I think Mary is glamourous beyond compare as are her interiors.  Kelly is eccentric but insanely innovative and talented. Miles is a southern gent who has a great eye and style. 

Aerin Lauder is truly a creative genius that is so darn chic. I could move into one of her houses any day!

Funny- I just read the others...great minds think alike.


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