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Easter is just around the corner and we want to know what graces your table and your heart at this special time of year.  Family, food and fun are such a meaningful part of this Holy day.  We want to know more about your Easter plans so please share with us below what you are wearing, your tablescape ideas, menu, family rituals, Easter basket goodies...

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One of my favorite Easter traditions, though not very spiritual, was the county-wide Easter egg hunt that took place each year in my small town. Clues were given out over the radio and then we'd drive all over town searching at locations where the eggs might be hidden. 

I have great memories of sitting by the radio with my family, anxious to hear the clues and then brainstorming possible locations. I don't remember ever finding any of the eggs, but it was a fun memory. 

My favorite Easter tradition started waaaay back when, years and years ago when we were children.  As I'm sure so many of you also did as children, we'd have a big family Easter egg hunt after church.  The fun in this lasted well into our teens, when the eggs were then filled with cash!  Then two years ago, the eggs were retired all together, and we were surprised with a NEW kind of "hunt".....each of us was given a brown bag, and were told to hunt the "mini-bottles"!!!  NO JOKE.....our elders (parents/aunts/uncles) who once hid the eggs for us to find, had hidden mini-bottles around the family plantation where we gather for Easter.  Hung in the moss of the oak trees, under rocking chairs on the front porch, beneath the joggling board. The "Easter bunny" got clever!  This new hunt took the level of competition up a notch!!   Photos below of the first 2 years of our annual Easter mini-bottle hunt....

I thought my family was the only one with an annual money-filled plastic egg hunt! Sadly, we could never transition to the mini bottles seeing there are Southern Baptists among us. Thanks for sharing the pics!

I love it! Can't wait for this Sunday!

I grew up in an old part of Jacksonville, Florida called Mandarin. Every year we would get up and go to The Church of Our Savior, an Episcopal Church on the St. Johns River. Afterwards we would walk across the street and we would have a big Easter egg hunt at the historic Mandarin Post Office dating back to 1911. My mother would dress us in our Easter dresses and French bonnets and we would hunt eggs underneath the Spanish Moss of the old Live Oaks.


I love, love, love an Easter sunrise service!  Try to attend every year in addition to the traditional church service.  There is something about watching the sun rise as the preacher talks about the risen saviour!  We will be at WaterColor, Florida, this year and will definitely partake in the sunrise service on the beautiful white sands of the Panhandle.  I do hope it warms up slightly :)  7 am on the beach is going to be chilly!

One of my favorite Easter traditions comes in the form of dyeing dozens and dozens of eggs, paqueing them (which is a southern Louisiana tradition where each person tries to crack the other person's egg by tapping the tips together, the egg that doesn't crack wins!) and making creamy,vinegary deviled eggs out of the broken and battered dyed eggs. 


Easter is one of the family events that everyone gets in town for, much like Thanksgiving and Christmas. It has become our last visit until our summertime visit to the beach. Now that most of our family has grown up and we are having our own children, Easter has become a sentimental celebration of all things fresh, new and joyous. We all get into town on Good Friday for a family oyster affair, oysters on the half shell in the morning and a fried oyster loaf in the evening. Following that we may have a crawfish boil on Saturday in someone's backyard.

We all arrive while the morning is still crisp. Everyone is dressed in their freshly pressed seersucker pants or springtime dresses and cardigans and maybe some white shoes. Somehow here in the South it seems so wrong to wear them if its not after Easter! We will then arrive at "Nana and Poppy's" after church on Sunday. Since we're all from New Orleans, the meal is a traditional Creole Sunday Brunch, I just can't imagine it any other way. From fresh herb and citrus marinated lump crabmeat sald, grilled asparagus with herb and red wine vinaigrette, Eggs Benedict topped with Hollandaise sauce, and Pontchatoula Strawberry Shortcake with vanilla scented freshly whipped cream. Let's not forget the Bloody Mary's and Mimosas (usually with some sort of twist).

Because our family has grown so much, there are now about 35 of us. The dinner table, kids table and any other spots in the house are decorated in a charmingly southern elegance - a bit of French country dotted with New Orleans nostalgia. Easter lilies adorn the rooms with a reminder of why we are all together. 

 Whether I'm at back home in East Texas with my family or here in Georgia with my husband and kids, our ultimate "must" are the  Easter Egg Petit Fours from Village Bakery in Tyler. They are THE most delicious treat! I simply can not remember an Easter without them! My mouth is watering now... Happy Easter!

 Easter traditions: Sunrise service at the beach, listening to old-time gospel music, whipping up fried chicken, deviled eggs, and pound cake, and spending time with family...Happy Easter y'all!

When our kids were little, I was the Easter Bunny and hid dozens of plastic eggs around the backyard. Some were filled with quarters, others chocolates. I miss getting up early and the kids excitement as they rushed out the kitchen door. There was always the race to see which child gathered the most eggs with the added dimension of the labradors being in the hunt, too.

Easter is one of my favorite holidays, hands down. Its a family-oriented holiday that comes with so many beloved traditions for me.

My favorite tradition, of the many, is the massive Easter brunch my mom, grandmother, and aunts prepare after church.

Just to paint the picture: Mom decorates the entire house in pastels weeks prior, and the dining room is no exception! Orchids are the table center piece, and the arrangement is so huge that it has to be moved to another location so that everyone can see each other.

The menu never changes, because Dad would have a coronary if it did. We enjoy deviled eggs, honey baked ham (from none other than the Honey Baked Ham Company, of course!), traditional Southern dressing, sweet potato casserole (complete with brown sugar topping... sinful), Sister Schubert dinner rolls (a staple), and green beans and field peas from my grandmother's garden. Dessert is always coconut cake ordered from Peninsula Grill in Charleston, South Carolina. It has been featured on the Food Network, so seriously, look it up. You'll wish you didn't.

After everyone has finished dining and chatting, we sit on the back porch and watch the younger cousins hunt Easter eggs until they're so tired they can't anymore.


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