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Conservation: Find Out How You Can Help Track Shorebirds Along The Atlantic Coast

oystercatchers in Georgia The 2014 shorebird nesting season is going strong and you don’t have to be a self-proclaimed “bird nerd” to help protect our feathered friends.  We all want what’s best for the babies, so keep your dog on a leash, don’t litter, and stay off of the dunes. Now that that's settled, let's check in on some of the American Oystercatchers, who have been spotted near the North Shell Rakes on Jekyll Island…


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The Dead Do Tell Tales

Old Fort Williams Cemetery in Alabama

I’ve always loved tromping around old cemeteries, pausing to read each tombstone. In the early ’90s, on a walk through the woods near Lay Lake in central Alabama, I came across a cluster of tombstones with a monument in the…


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Stained with Blood

The dogwoods are blooming – not where I live in coastal Houston, but farther north and east, in the woods throughout the South. They are the trees in my childhood memories. I was raised in Vestavia Hills, a suburb of Birmingham, Alabama. Every April, since 1964, the city has held a Dogwood Festival to commemorate…


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Total Lunar Eclipse Will Be Visible from the Southeast on April 14-15

Are you ready for the first full lunar eclipse of the year?  If not, plan your beauty sleep now, because we're about to pull an all-nighter!

Lunar Eclipse Series
Total lunar eclipse photo series from St.…

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Bloody Mary Rollups with Pickled Vegetables

It's that time of year again! The super bowl is just a few days away.  While I don't really get all into the game...I do love all the…


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COSMIC COAST: SpaceX Sets Spaceflight Milestone With SES-8 Falcon 9 Launch

On December 3, 2013, Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) kicked off the holidays with a cosmic light show for all of the “Space Coast” to see.  At 5:43pm, a Falcon 9 rocket carrying a 7,000 pound SES-8 communications satellite was successfully launched into geostationary transfer orbit from the leased Launch…


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Antiquing in New Orleans

New Orleans is one of those magical places that oozes inspiration for all of the senses. Your ears will be treated to the rhythmic tunes of jazz and soulful blues in the Quarter. Your tastebuds will be tantilized by the mouthwatering flavors of beignets, seafood gumbo and crawfish etouffe′. But it is your eyes that are inspired the most as they feast upon the architectural and interior treats the city has to offer. Asking anyone we know to go on an antiquing trip to New…


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Sleeping in a Tent

Campsite 9D1 "Beckler River Wilderness" Photo by Justin Cave

Count me in!  I travel light and my bags are packed.  Fall is a great time to get out and take a hike.  It is said that a week out in the woods…


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“There’s a Firefly Loose Tonight…” from “Firefly” Lyrics and Music by Ed Sheeran

Do you want to see fireflies? I asked my 9-year-old daughter.

“Oh, yes!” she answered.

“There’s a Firefly Walk this Friday night at Armand Bayou Nature Center. I’ll sign us up.”

And so we went - me, her, and my mother. We arrived in the early evening of an early May day, before the Houston…


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Wonderful Wall Coverings!

There's something about a wall covering that adds that extra element of color, energy and texture to a room. From smooth, suede walls in a study to a gingham wallpapered ceiling in a child's room, wall coverings provide a way to unite a space together  and enhance its overall effect.  Fort Worth's Emily Gilbert, of …


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My 5 Favorite Fabric Lines!

If you want to stop an interior designer in their tracks, ask them what their favorite fabric lines are. Although the textile industry competition is getting fiercer and fiercer, most people in the design business have their favorites. We thought it would be fun to get one designer to spill the beans on her top picks, and she was all too happy to do it!  Former Nashvillian now…


Added by Interior Canvas on August 14, 2013 at 9:14am — 1 Comment

COMMUNITY: Snippets of Summer from The Georgia Coast

It’s no wonder why people flock to the Georgia coast during summertime, but a pet parrot?  That’s apparently what happened when “Kotty” escaped from his owner’s boat and decided to explore Jekyll Island on his own terms!  An emergency crew was called in (that’s the real story here), in an attempt to save…


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The Bright Side of Golf

When my husband suggests a round of golf, I envision the invitation as something more like a forced march over hot coals, rather than a relaxing stroll for nine holes. 

 Despite his invitations and encouragement to play throughout our 24+ years of marriage, my game is…


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CONSERVATION: Jekyll Island's 4th of July Loggerhead Release Ignites Passion for Sea Turtles

Traditional events like parades, concerts, and fireworks have always been the mainstays when it comes to celebrating Independence Day along the Georgia coast.  But this year, something extraordinary happened. The Georgia Sea Turtle Center proved that a little firecracker named, Hugue, was the real star of…


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nobody can kill the whole covey

I am reading a book called The Old Man and the Boy by Robert Ruark. Daddy gave it to The Hubs and our son to read a year or so ago. They each have tossed it around a bit but neither have really sunk into it yet. Ya know how sometimes the time just has to be right to really sink…


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Camping: Some Southern Options

By Whitney Long


With spring officially here and summer on the way, camping is the perfect way to experience the great outdoors and get in some family bonding time. 

There are so many wonderful spots throughout the South to enjoy camping, hunting, fishing and…


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Camping: Summertime in the Blue Ridge Mountains

By Fan Hughes

Graveyard Fields pictured above. Photo credit:

When thinking about summer in the south, many locations and activities come to mind: South Carolina’s busy beaches, Georgia’s green golf courses, and Alabama’s warm…


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COASTAL CATCH - Captain Ashley of Coastal Island Charter Fishing

Compiled by Cheri Leavy

The Southern C enjoyed catching up with Captain Ashley Parmelee on St. Simons Island to talk fishing.  We reeled him in off his boat, LIVIN RIGHT, to learn more about what is catching these days on the coast of…


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