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Are you tired of The Rules, fashion rules?  Rules like no white after Labor Day (you can), no primary colors worn with black (wait, you did know about that one, right?...it's huge), no capris.

Well, today I'm here to tell you which so-called rules you don't have to follow.  The truth about fashion myths that will set you free!


Honey Boo Boo will now share some great fashion insider secrets.  Just kidding!  via philly.curbed

To see what our Top 5 Fashion Myths are, keep reading.


Nope.  Never gonna happen. I will never, ever decree capris ok to wear.  Ever.  via drjays

So, what are our Top 5 Fashion Myths?

1.White pants make you look bigger.

The wrong white pants do, the right ones don't.

http://cdn1.lafayette148ny.com/photo/WP752R-3706_White.jpg vs. http://plus-model-mag.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/Maribelle-White-Skinny-Jeans.jpg

via lafayette148                                        via plusmodelmagazine

Stovepipe pants, aka skinny jeans, (like on the right) don't work if you are a bit hip-y or rather curvy. Or short.  You need a boot cut pant, left, to balance out your hips and create a long vertical line, not an upside-down triangle.  But as long as said boot cut pants are a substantial fabric with a little stretch, you, too can wear white pants and look fabulous, dahling.  Click here to read more about how anyone, any size can wear white clothes.

white pants

Let there be white pants.  via pinterest

2. Babydoll and empire waist tops hide a heavy mid-section.

No ma'am, they don't. 

Go with me here for a minute.  Men are rectangles, women are hour-glasses (in a perfect world).  We use clothes to create balance and proportion between our shoulders, hips and feet, with a waist in the middle.  Our clothes can create for us the shape we may not have been born with or have now.


See, the waist is supposed to be the narrowest part on your frame.  Not so for much of the female population, so we use clothes to create the waistline.  via brandnstyle

A raised waistline, like on a babydoll top, moves the seam up to one of the 2 widest places on our frame, the rib cage (the 2nd is our hips, for birthin' babies).  And it obscures the waist in the middle.  If your waist is bigger than your ribcage, you have the perfect opportunity to create a waist by choosing the right clothes. Walk away from the babydoll.


If you are top heavy, an inverted triangle, it's likely that you are tempted to buy babydoll tops that hide your tummy and hips.  Big mistake.  Baggy clothes draw attention to your size and create more volume.  Babydoll tops were created for pregnant women, by the way, for a reason.  This before/after is from stylewithcindy in Australia.


A beautiful dress shape, a deep-v neck and a belted mid-section, perfect on a curvy frame.   via newfashionblogs

3. You can't mix gold and silver jewelry.

Look at one of the most classic and enduring watch styles of our time, the two-toned gold and silver Rolex. I rest my case.

But I'll give you some more examples.

Gold and silver.  Together forever.  via pinterest

Gucci Westman in a Cartier tank, gold signet ring and diamonds in white gold.  via vanessa and valentine

4. You can't wear black with navy blue.

You can, if you know how.

Textures must be different, as in black wool pants with a satin navy blazer or black satin pants with a navy tweed blazer.  The key is for it not to look like you thought they were a match and oops missed the mark.

That's better: Earlier Lauren was spotted outside The Wendy Williams Show, perfectly poised as she had her photograph taken
Lauren Conrad in a navy textured tweed coat dress with black opaque tights and heels.  via dailymail.co.uk
the shirt! (and three cheers for mixing black and navy.)

A beautiful black lace cut-out blouse, that has a pretty sheen, paired with navy trousers.  via theneotraditionalist

5. Nice girls don't wear leather.

I do, and I'm nice!  Aren't I??!

Avoid the dominatrix look by pairing your leather pencil skirt with a blazer or crisp white blouse.  Or your leather jacket with a boot cut pant or pencil skirt (instead of leggings or a mini-skirt).  Avoid lots of studs, fringe and buckles.  That's too moto.

Grey is a great color for leather.  It's softer and can be so feminine.  via fashforfashion

Donna Karan

Donna Karan showing leather can be strong and classic all at once.  via pinterest

6. Fashion rules don't matter.

Yes, they do.  That was a freebie I threw in at no extra charge.

You can break the rules, if you know how to.  Most people don't know how to.  But that's ok - most people don't know how to teach 6th grade science or how to bake the perfect cake or how to draw a great picture.  We know how to break fashion rules. 

The more formal or serious an event, the more closely one must stick to the rules.  Like for weddings, funerals, and interviews it's best to respect the occasion with the traditional rules.  Don't wear black to a wedding in the Deep South, don't wear sequins to a job interview, etc.

So what's the fashion rule you'd most like to break? Or what fashion rules do you hate to see other people breaking?

Thanks for reading and be sure to check out our website at www.tinaadamsconsulting.com and email us at info@tinaadamsconsulting.com.



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Love this! 

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Love this... very helpful as I am getting ready for a couple of trips!

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