This day is a tad different from my Southern Day-after-Thanksgiving traditions in Alabama. Today, I sit on my Northern porch, swinging, listening to Christmas music, and watching the snow fall around me. A cup of hot coffee is what warms my hands, and to some extent, my core. The thing that keeps my heart warm is not the coffee, nor the thick sherpa blanket wrapped around me. It is the memory of those  I left behind in my homeland.  

When I chose to marry a man in the military, I knew that meant moving from place to place. I even welcomed it. Astounding sights, amazing experiences, and life-long friends are part of the benefits to this lifestyle. Being 4,000 miles away from family and friends during the holidays is the hardest part. Wondering when and if you will ever see some of them again can fill those eternal moments waiting for that chance. 

Today, I miss my friends. I want to just sit around a big kitchen table with them and laugh like we used to. I want to be there to make hot chocolate for the grands. I want to read stories, make gingerbread scented play-doh, create Christmas ornaments for my memory tree and just BE there. 

Siri tells me there are 920 days until I am back in my heartland. Back to stay where I belong. I am thankful for this life, but I am ready to go home... back to my Southern home. 

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Comment by Caroline Kinney on November 25, 2012 at 11:02pm

funny how "missing home" is something we all share, no matter where "home" may be...Alabama, Montana, France,  Russia. Or in my father's case - Italy.  Like you, Lisa - he left home for his love, my Mother...and moved to the United States back in...hmmm, probably 1974ish I'm thinking?  All of his family is still back in Italy (most in Florence), except for him.  Though the US has been his "home" for many many years now, there are a few times a year I see in his eyes the yearning for his real "home"....most often on holidays when all the Italian family is together and he is so far away.   This Thanksgiving, one of our cousins just returned from 2 years living in Australia.  She had a ball there, but was talking about how much she truly missed home (home for us, being the South).  As she was talking about the things she missed most about the South, I could see in my dad's face how much he truly could relate.   At age 72, with the majority of his life lived here in the US, he still years for his true "home" in Italy.  There is just something about home, isn't there.

Comment by whitney long on November 25, 2012 at 4:16pm

Hi Lisa -  I love this and thanks for sharing!   Know you are so ready to be back in the South so keep holding on... every day gets you closer!  Did you say you will go back for a Christmas visit?  I hope so!

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